1. More Miyazaki coming up! That man never stops to fascinate me. This documentary gives you a good look behind the creation of Princess Mononoke.

    And by watching this you can really understand why Miyazaki is one of the most prominent directors out there. How he crafts every animation to express the soul and essence of all of the characters.

    One other though. Maybe animation is not as close to film as one belives? Maybe it’s more close to “computer entertainment” but without the interactivity. Both of the mediums is more or less about bringing a world and it’s characters to life in an artificial, man-made environment. Then, is there a middle ground between them two? Something that’s non-linear procedural and a simulation that’s interesting to watch?

  2. Animation pioneers Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata from the Studio Ghibli edition of the Brutus magazine.

    After reading “Starting Point 1979-1996”, a collection of essays, interviews and articles written by Mr.Miyazaki, I have nothing but admiration for this man. He is one of the few truly legendary animation directors still alive, especially after the passing of Satoshi Kon. Makes one wonder who will step up after his time is over.

  3. Still Walking(歩いても歩いても) is one of the most beautiful movies about a Japanese family and it’s underlying problems. I also stumbled over this interview with director Hirokazu Koreeda, totally worth a read!